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The Famous 1973 Vote (6 to 4) Sending Ohio to the Rose Bowl

Resultsupdated 11/23/13 4:00 pm
Don Canham - Michigan Voted for Michigan
Elroy Crazy Legs Hirsch (traitor)- Wisconsin Voted for Ohio
Bump Eliott - Iowa (MI Man) Voted for Michigan
George King - Purdue Voted for Ohio
Bill Orwing - Indiana (MI Man) Voted for Michigan
Paul Giel - Minnesota Voted for Michigan
Ed Weaver - Ohio Voted for Ohio
Cecil Coburn - Illinois Voted for Ohio
Tippy Dye - Northwestern Voted for Ohio
Burt Smith - MSU (MI Man, Biggest Traitor) Voted for Ohio

As of July 9th, 2014, we will be slightly delayed fulfilling your game requests. We are in the process of moving and will not have access to the games for a bit. However, don't hesitate to ask, we may still be able to take care of you for small requests. We appreciate your patience as we look for a new place to live.

While packing we realized that we have a lot of Michigan items that will certainly not fit in the new house. We may list some items for sale on eBay. Please look for items from maizenblufan. Sales will likely not begin until around the 1st of August. We will provide updates as we move along.

Updates on Pages

I traded for some new games this spring so be sure to look for the new flashing icon.

Our pictures page is rotated throughout the year.

Simply click one of the icons at the top to visit the area of your choice.

If you have some items you wish to trade or sell, comments on the pages, or anything else, let me know. Thanks for visiting and Go Blue!

2014 football season

Only days until the 2014 season begins at the Big House. We are ready to see if we can have a dominant offensive line and win the Big Ten Championship.

Pregame Picture
Tailgating at Pioneer High School, Loved it!

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