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The Famous 1973 Vote (6 to 4) Sending Ohio to the Rose Bowl

Resultsupdated 11/23/13 4:00 pm
Don Canham - Michigan Voted for Michigan
Elroy Crazy Legs Hirsch (traitor)- Wisconsin Voted for Ohio
Bump Eliott - Iowa (MI Man) Voted for Michigan
George King - Purdue Voted for Ohio
Bill Orwing - Indiana (MI Man) Voted for Michigan
Paul Giel - Minnesota Voted for Michigan
Ed Weaver - Ohio Voted for Ohio
Cecil Coburn - Illinois Voted for Ohio
Tippy Dye - Northwestern Voted for Ohio
Burt Smith - MSU (MI Man, Biggest Traitor) Voted for Ohio

Our move was completed this summer and we are back on track. However we had to change our email address so please note that in your records. Recent updates have been made to the trivia, history, results, and games page. Please take a look.

Updates on Pages

I am always actively trading so if you have something (in the way of videos) you think I might want don't hesitate to ask.

Since we moved, I had to redo my Michigan room to a much smaller area. But my walls are filled with Bob Ufer photos, player photos, banners, signs, and just about anything else I could fit. As long as I have my Bob Ufer Bobblehead, football, helmet, CD's (to play the fight song), stadium replicas, and so much more, life is good. Sure the guys on the Big Ten network have nice stuff, but I will hold my Michigan Room up against anyone. Besides, I have a Bo George Patton Schembechler Scoring horn!

If you have some items you wish to trade or sell, comments on the pages, or anything else, let me know. Thanks for visiting and Go Blue!

Special Thanks to the Inn Zone in Las Vegas for welcoming me and making me feel right at home.

2014 - THE GAME!

Only days until the matchup against the heavily favored Buckeyes. With the defense playing solid, can Michigan get it done. The last time was close, now let's finish it!

Pregame Picture
Tailgating at Pioneer High School, Loved it!

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